Invited speakers

Marc Garcia-Borràs

University of Girona

Dr. Marc Garcia-Borràs obtained his PhD at the University of Girona in 2015. After a short postdoc stay in the group of Dr. Osuna (UdG, Spain), he joined the group of Prof. K. N. Houk at UCLA (USA) as a postdoc for 3 years to work on the computational modelling and design of new (metallo-)enzyme catalyzed reactions. In 2019, he returned to Spain as a Juan de la Cierva -Incorporación (JdC-I) research fellow to start his independent research program on computational biocatalysis at the University of Girona. In 2020, he was approved as a new independent Principal Investigator at the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (Spain) to work on the study and characterization of reactive intermediates for the discovery and design of new biocatalytic activities.

Kristina Haslinger

University of Groningen

Dr. Kristina Haslinger studied Biology in Würzburg, Germany and obtained her PhD in 2014 from Heidelberg University. She did her postdoctoral training in Kristala Prather’s lab at MIT and started her independent research group in Groningen (The Netherlands) in February 2020. Her group is focused on bioprospecting of biosynthetic enzymes and pathways for combinatorial pathway engineering in Escherichia coli and filamentous fungi.

Juan M. Bolivar

Complutense University of Madrid

Dr. Juan M. Bolivar is chemical engineer and PhD in sciences. He has been researcher at Institute of Catalysis (ICP-CSIC, Madrid) and university assistant at the Graz University of Technology (Austria), and currently Senior Research Associate at Complutense University of Madrid within excellence programme “Atracción de Talento”. Current interest lies in industrial biotechnology, enzyme catalysis, and bioprocess engineering in the context of integrated biorefineries and sustainable chemistry.