Next Generation Biocatalysis


The 3rd NextGenBiocat symposium will take place on April 18th and 19th, 2023, in Graz, Austria

Biocatalysis and the investigation of the function of enzymes are exciting and vibrant topics, with new results being published on a daily basis. The NextGenBiocat symposium, organized by young researchers from TU Graz, Uni Bern, TU Delft, Uni Groningen and Uni Graz, aims to bring young researchers, PhD candidates, postdocs and early-career PIs together to feature their research in the field of (but not limited to):

– Novel approaches in enzyme-catalyzed reactions
– New insights into enzymatic mechanisms
– Light-promoted enzymatic processes
– Protein engineering to improve stability, activity or change the type of reaction
– Reaction engineering and biocatalytic reaction technology
– Metabolic engineering

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their research amongst other young researchers, discuss ideas, create or reinforce collaborations, and career experiences.

Registration will open soon!

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